Is my strive for innerpeace bringing inner turmoil?

I have to admit, after yesterday’s post, I began to feel a little apprehensive. Honestly, I let my ego get in the way (bad ego! trying to get rid of it!). I began to think, what if people thought I was trying to be perfect. First of all, we should not care what people think. As Dr.Wayne Dyer says, “You can meet 32 different people and they all will have 32 absolutely different opinions of you, non of which you can control.” Nobody’s claiming to be perfect here (hello – there’s no such thing!). We are simply trying to get on the path of contentment. We all want to be happy. If we were our happiest, then imagine what we could accomplish. We live in a society where ego truly gets the best of us. We think of ourselves too much and are quick to judge. Imagine if our world didn’t consist of hatred, jealousy, egos, and the desire for lots of money.

What if our world was more simple? Probably war, poverty, cancer, the desire to bring people down, chemicals, etc. wouldn’t be issues that we face today. We are all here to live out our lives to the best of our ability and to help one another. We will all die one day – it’s a fact. Why don’t we work together, bring one another up and truly work on allowing our best selves to be present. Believe me, this is not the path of least resistance…it’s easier to go the other way, but what’s the point? Being negative might temporarily make us feel better (misery loves company) but in the long run it hurts us and those around us.

Yesterday was a trying day for me. Not judging or making comments wasn’t as easy as I thought but I was able to catch myself. When I found myself on the verge of thinking something that might be considered a judgment, I stopped myself. We CAN control our minds, peeps! I’m going to try MY best to work on this. For MY innerpeace.

The path of contentment isn’t a clear one. There are lots of branches to cut through, big obstacles that we must persevere through, and many setbacks that we will encounter; but I’m absolutely confident that once we reach our destination, it will be so beautiful and filled with love, we will never want to turn back. That’s why I am on this journey. Why are you?


One response to “Is my strive for innerpeace bringing inner turmoil?

  1. I agree, You have to be happy with yourself before you can even prepare to be kind and good to others.Inner peace is key.Great post.

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