The Important Stuff

It is easy (especially for me) to get caught up in our daily busyness. Sometimes my mounting list of to-do’s can overwhelm my list of done’s. Do those lists really serve us anyway? I was a little miffed when Zen Habits actually suggested that we ditch our lists. But then I decided to ditch mine after I realized that the important stuff wasn’t even on my list anyway. Breathe, call my mom, hug someone I love, smile. Here’s to the important stuff…

How could you not love that face? Not my dog, but I will definitely have an
English Bulldog (s) one day!

I adore my Louis XVI repro chair that I found at auction, my boyfriend,
and my horrifically large collection of fashion magazines…

I live in a studio and adore my bright blue walk-in closet!
Ashley and I took this pic while we were on a walk with the kids, it says so much.
My life has changed rather dramatically as of late and I am so grateful
that I am doing something that I love and able to do this with the people that I love.

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