What Are You Going To Bring In This Year?

Christmastime has come and gone and a new year is officially upon us.  The holidays and their aftermath can bring a wide arrange of emotions for us all ranging from elation to dread. Last month, as my family and I prepared for our festivities to begin, we couldn’t help but admit that a sense of sadness had sunk in.  My stepfather passed away two summers ago, and since then things have just been different.  

My mother, with her infinite well of wisdom, came up with an idea – a way to make amends with our looming feelings and to emotionally clean house.  She instructed us to decide what we were ready to leave behind in 2009, and write that list down.  Also, we were told to compile a list of what we are going to bring into our lives in the new year.   The process was incredibly eye opening; it felt good to put those feelings down on paper.  After dinner we all read our lists aloud, which included some tears.  Sharing those raw emotions was healing, especially when in the company of those you love.  To close our ceremony, we shuffled out to the backyard and tossed the “Leaving Behind” lists into a small fire that my mom had made. As we stood in the snow, I really felt a sense of freedom and peace wash over me as I watched my own sadness, worry, and regret turn into ash.
I am grateful to start anew. I’m happy to cherish the past but keep shuffling towards the abundance, happiness, and joy that is all around us.

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