Who Said Living With a 3yr Old Was Easy?

Instant tantrums, power struggles, 30 minute crying fits, whining, talking back is a typical day for me and my 3 year old.  My quest for innerpeace is definitely challenged by my spirited daughter on a daily basis.  She’s a sweet girl, very cute and when she wants to be – a good girl.  However, I don’t know what’s come over her these days.  Lately, she’s been driving me up a wall, leaving me feeling frustrated, anxious and vunerable.  Is it me?  Is it her age? Am I not listening to her?

I used to say I wasn’t going to be “that parent.” Before I had kids, I thought I was going to be a great mom who listens to my children, which would prevent any type of ill behavior.  Um, yeah, I was wrong!  I do everything in my power to keep her calm, happy and healthy, but kids will be kids.  My husband and I are trying our best to strike a balance between having the upper-hand and letting her express herself, but quite honestly, it’s not working to our benefit!

I know it’s a phase that will pass shortly, but in the meantime, let’s pray that I make it out with some sanity!

This isn’t an easy situation and after discussing it with other moms last night, I’m not the only one.  Bottom line: it’s a difficult age and I’m going to have to suck it up, not let my frustration get the best of me and BREATHE when times get rough. 


3 responses to “Who Said Living With a 3yr Old Was Easy?

  1. Just remember the words of my boss "A strong willed female is going to do well in life". I repeated it about 50 times after getting my first call from school last week. Oh, and don't forget to laugh, because sometimes, (with enough time and perspective) it really is funny.

  2. Fantastic advice!

  3. She is smart and sassy. Just like her Momma.

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