Jackson Pollock’s (Very) Early Years

Remember when Mom told us to stop playing with our food?  Scratch that!

Frigid Chicago winters present us with the opportunity to really be creative when looking for ways to engage the little ones.  I spend four days a week with a sweet eight month old who is endlessly curious and abundantly energetic-she is the perfect guinea pig for my “Make Your Own Fun Winter Challenge”!

First on my list is Edible Organic Finger Paints

I went to the craft store and found a six foot long roll of white foam.  I decided this would be a better canvas than paper because we can wash off and reuse the foam sheets.  Also, since our young artist is still crawling, I knew she would have a blast if we just sat her in the center of the action on the floor.

I popped into Whole Foods and picked up some organic and colorful fruits and veggies.  Think sweet potatoes, spinach, squash, apples, string beans, or carrots.  I roasted the sweet potatoes before blending them into a puree by simply adding water.

Our little one was a little apprehensive after I poured the paint out in front of her.  She looked up at me with a mild suspicion, but once I slapped my hand into the center of the mess she happily joined in the fun.

We had a royal good time talking about the shapes, letters, and numbers we drew in the rich orange paint.  I am excited to experiment with more colors as we start to introduce even more yummy fruits and vegetables!

Send us photographs of your budding artists’ masterpiece:  theinnerpeaceproject@gmail.com


One response to “Jackson Pollock’s (Very) Early Years

  1. yeeee! painting and eating are my two favorite things!

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