My Commitment to Committed…

I reported a couple of weeks ago on my sheer exhilaration surrounding the release of Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, Committed. Ashley and I were even able to meet her at a book signing in Oak Brook! The now Mrs. Gilbert was as effervescent as I imagined – and effortlessly charming and witty. I clung to her every syllable as I tried to commit her words to memory. When asked by an audience member who her biggest supporter was she told us indeed that it was her mother who is an “Olympic Distance Optimist.” I loved that.

However, my experience with the book so far (I’m about half-way through) hasn’t left me with the same warm fuzzy feelings. And honestly, she did try to warn us. In her Washington Post interview from January of this year, she says: “If you want the gossip of what happened with Liz and the Brazilian, you will get it, It’s all in here. But in return you’re gonna have to read, like, a dissertation on the history of marriage in Western civilization.”

And let me tell you, that dissertation is a bit of a bummer. Marriage is not, nor has it ever been in the history of Western civilization easy-or even very pleasant. I am grateful to have this dreary data set before me (by an author that I love nonetheless!) but I do miss the uplifting qualities that I so loved in Eat, Pray, Love. I will continue to forage through the book, with an open heart. Hopefully in the end we can all live happily ever after. I hope.


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