Green Tots In Full Effect

So far the kiddos have been pretty receptive towards this whole recycling project. Stella loves doing art projects, so she was jazzed about making a recycling bin. First, I talked to her about recycling and why we do it. Here’s Stella totally on her own, including princess transformation.
Me: “Stella, it’s important that we continue to recycle our plastic containers, paper and cans instead of throwing them in the garbage.”
Stella: “Why Mom?”
Me: “Because it’s good for the Earth.”
Stella: “Why?”
Me: “Because we can reuse those items and make them into new things. Plus we don’t want to add to our already huge landfill.”
Stella: “Why? Uh, what’s a landfill?”
Me: “A really big pile of garbage.” hmmm…”Why don’t we start our art project by going to the store and buying a bin for our recyclables?!”
Stella: “And decorate it?”
Me: “Of course.”
Yup, she’s at that age where “why” is her go-to question/response about 99% of the time. I didn’t want to get too technical and lose the “magic” of this whole process. So we went to Target and bought a bin for about 10 bucks and glued some letters on it. I got some help from in regards to what to recycle along with pics of them. As she decorated, she decided to slowly transform herself into a princess during the process.

The Bin

Getting ready to glue the pics of what to put IN the bin

Applying the letters with her new hat and gloves on

getting her glue on - gloves were a bitch to use glue with

the princess shows off her finished product

Harry making sure it works after the ladies did all the work...

Now looking forward to the Green Tween years…


One response to “Green Tots In Full Effect

  1. So cute! I love Stella’s hat 🙂

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