Lady Gaga – Role Model?

Repost from Jan 16th, 2010

Blood-drenched lace costumes, fierce props, eccentric wigs, exotic makeup, outrageous and theatrical describes Miss Lady Gaga. She’s the latest rage these days, but has been around for quite some time, studying and performing as a young child and into her teens.

I caught her on Oprah and was quite surprised by her humbleness. Heightened humbless, I’m sure, due to the nature of the program (and exhaustion?) Nevertheless, her creativity is undeniable – her visions extremely clear and thought-provoking.

The confidence she exudes on stage is commanding and quite impressive. I’m sure her parents played a huge part in developing this creative “monster”. According to Gaga in an interview with, her mother stated “Little baby girl, you can be whatever you want, and you are beautiful and you are talented and you could rule the world“. Powerful words in which Gaga took to heart.

While the formula for the recent rise in female pop stars relies heavily on looks, simple lyrics and with vocals fed through processors, Lady Gaga fuses performance art with thought-provoking lyrics and has the musical chops to back it up. As a mom of a young girl, do I think she’s a role model for women? Yes. In fact, I think she’s an untraditional inspirational role model because she follows her heart and makes no apologies.


2 responses to “Lady Gaga – Role Model?

  1. I agree. I rarely hear anyone say anything about Lady Gaga that isn’t superficial, snap judgements about her outfits. It’s sad that people can’t look deeper and see that here is a woman who has a wonderful imagination and has the courage to express it. How sad would our world be if we were all the same? People need to lighten up and enjoy life – the mundane as well as the less mundane.

    • It is sad that people can’t look past her decisions to be edgy. Isn’t that what creativity is all about? It’s time to celebrate this – she isn’t doing any harm to people. Just writing poppy songs and wearing extreme costumes. Thanks for the comment!

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