Dump The Frump – Part 1

Part of finding innerpeace, for me, is feeling good about the way I look. My parents taught me to always look chic. Sure I’ve had my awkward days; but putting thought into clothes, skin, hair and body has been important to me. Lately, this importance of style has taken a back seat to the ever demanding responsibilities of momhood. The past couple of weeks I found myself running around in the frumpiest outfits, sans makeup and hair in a pony. What has gotten into me?!!? That’s when I decided to call in the expert, Whitney of Fauxshionable, who shopped my closet and brought back the confidence in my wardrobe. This girl has style and a winning personality to match. She has graciously offered her input on essentials to look our best this season. Ladies, it’s time to ‘Dump the Frump!’

Whitney’s words and inspiration:

Spring is a season of change. The earth wakes up from its winter slumber and is reborn. Why shouldn’t your wardrobe do the same? This spring, dump your frumpy clothes and add in bright, versatile basics. Mommy’s deserve to be beautiful and comfortable in their clothes. Here are some great options to achieve just that.

trench coat
skinny jeans
comfy, stylish flats with support
long cardigans
headbands and scarves
belted dresses
bright, chunky jewelry
floral accessories and prints

Get inspired by the collages and enjoy shopping!

If you are interested in getting your closet shopped, check her out at www.fauxshionable.com. She’s in the know on where to go for the best deals in town. Oh yeah, she can help your guy too!

Green Tip: Get together with friends and relatives and have a swap party!

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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