Arnica ROCKS

Okay, let me preface this post – it totally sounds like a commercial.  It’s not…I just really really like this stuff.

When my brother was about two, he was an active, wild, and a high-energy kid. He was totally into Ninja Turtles and would high kick anyone who came into his path. He would fly around the room doing spins and karate chops like no other, which also meant lotsa banging and crashing into things.  Bruises and goose eggs were common for the little dude.

So my worried mom discovered Arnica. The moment he would crash into something, my mom would yell out in her Mexican accent, “Get the ARRNEEEEECAAA!” My sister or I would rush for it and rub it on him. Almost two decades later, I am using the same pain reliever on my kids and it works like a charm. Arnica is a homeopathic ointment – to relieve pain, swelling and minimize bruising – even the pro athletes use this stuff.

I can’t prevent my kids from going wild and getting hurt, but I can help them relieve pain and minimize those awful looking goose eggs.  Even my friend, Annie, who’s somewhat of a skeptic (towards this stuff) thought it was great…

Here's ours. almost out. since I've had a boy, I use it way more..


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