DIY Cleaning – Bathroom

My sister-in-law Lisa did it again.  She kindly shares her child-friendly, pet-friendly, wallet-friendly and environmentally friendly cleaning tips with us.  This one’s for the bathroom.

Here are a few of the homemade cleaning concoctions I thought you might find useful:

Tile and grout discoloration: Make a paste with plant-based castile soap and baking soda. Scrub paste into grout and rinse with hot water.  I use an old tooth-brush to scrub.

To kill mold and mildew left behind: dip a sponge in distilled vinegar and apply directly to grout.

Toilet Rust buster: Pour salt directly onto the stain. Next squeeze a lemon onto the bowl brush or heavy-duty paper towel. Scrub over the affected area.

Wall and Ceiling grime fighter:Wipe distilled vinegar onto the affected area. Wait 15 minutes. Repeat, letting stand overnight. The following day use a sponge soaked in hydrogen peroxide to illuminate the stain and to prevent mold from returning.

Thanks, Lisa!  You’re da bomb!

If you have any tips to share, please email them to


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