Is Your Mind Like A Blizzard?

Have you ever felt like other people are controlling your thoughts, your emotions, your inner dialogue, the way you feel about yourself?  The next question is – without them knowing it? You just do it to yourself?  Whether you are in a situation and you take something a person says, and in your mind,  you twist and turn it into a negative experience without that even being their intention?

Do you ever compare yourself to others?  Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?  Well these negative thoughts have crept into my mind as of late and it’s starting to drive me crazy.  How can I be strong enough to combat these negative emotions? I consider myself an open-minded, free-spirited kinda gal, so I am able to realize that I’m on the path that I’m supposed to be on (even though it wasn’t planned by me and it’s, quite frankly, sometimes not that fun (but it is)). Why do those stinkin’ negative emotions come into my mind and weaken me?  I find myself feeling depressed in a literal sense.

Is it the cold-ass weather (there is a serious blizzard going on in the midwest as I type).  Is it this depressed economy?  Is it that I haven’t seen the sun in over a week?  Is it because I think I’m not challenging myself in ways that I used to when I was younger? (but I am) Regardless, I want to stop being so freaking hard on myself.

So how do I do this? I giggle and sigh because I have no clue.  I guess all I can do is educate myself on ways to make myself happier by reading books, websites, talking to those who seem to be happy and asking them what their secret is, keeping my mind still so the answer can come to me, and to do things that make me happy.

In the meantime, I will be shoveling my way out of this funk with a smile on my face.


2 responses to “Is Your Mind Like A Blizzard?

  1. I completely feel you on this! It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves than we’d ever be on others…and that negative thinking of other people or thinking that they are throwing shade your way (when sometimes they can be…sometimes not)…is so easy to go down that road of thinking. I try and remind myself…when I’m getting in one of those moods or letting that take over…everyone doesn’t know my truth, or what makes me fantastic! They see and believe what they want to…and that’s fine. Doesn’t make it true…because only I know my truth. (I’m hoping that makes sense!) You said it best…do what makes you happy! Then you can never go wrong. So glad to see a new post from you! Thanks for the link on 21 day meditation.

    Happy digging out from all this snow!

  2. Hey Leola! You are so right, sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves. Why? I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when it’s not necessary AND it takes me away from more important things like enjoying life with my beautiful children.

    I appreciate your support! I can’t wait to see some more of your photography!

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