My Friend, My Inspiration

Remember when I mentioned that I wanted to take my kids traveling the world? Well, my girlfriend Claudia is doing exactly that.  This past holiday season, her family visited Cape Town, South Africa (where they briefly lived a couple of years ago).  During their stay they partook in South African BBQs, otherwise known as a Braai, took in the sun (it’s summertime there), went on a few safaris and visited the local orphanage on Christmas day.   I wanted to highlight her family’s visit to the orphanage because I was so touched that they chose to spend this day helping others.  Here are some pics she shared with us…

Claudia getting to know some of the kids

Her seven year old son Josh spending time with the children

Her four-year old daughter Samantha sharing gifts they brought from America

At his young age, Josh recognized that the children at the orphanage were touched, not by the gifts, but by the attention they received from Claudia's family

Claudia has the hugest heart in the world, not only towards me, but to people she knows and to people around the world.  She was a Peace Corps Volunteer back in the day and is an avid traveler.  She is now taking her two young children on worldly excursions (lucky kids!) and teaching them how to make a difference globally.

Claudia, thank you for sharing your experience with us.  You truly are an inspiration to all!

To learn more about this particular orphanage, please email me at


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