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Addicted To Juice

My mom has been doing it for over a decade, my aunt and uncle swear by it, my sister-in-law loves it and now my in-laws are getting into it.  What you ask?  Juicing!  I am super passionate about it and I just can’t hide it.  My friends think I’m slightly crazy because of my love for natural juice.

It’s one of the best ways to get all of your daily vitamins, plus more.  It makes me feel healthy, makes my skin glow and I know I am feeding my body the nutrients it needs.  It’s also fabulous for the kiddos.  I don’t care if they eat marshmallows all day long, just as long as they drink their momma’s juice (which almost always consists of beets, celery, carrots, apples, pineapples and when we need the extra boost we add kale, spinach, dandelion and/or grapes).  And it tastes AWESOME!  Just make sure you add a couple of sweet tasting fruits in the mix and you’re good to go.  I have to admit, I consider myself a juice snob now.  I don’t even look at the watered down or high-fructose corn syrup laden crap they sell in the store.

This is what our juice usually consists of

If you get your kids involved in the whole juicing process, they are more likely to drink it and ask for seconds.  It makes me giddy that Harry and Stella enjoy it as much as I do. Seriously, there’s nothing healthier you can put in your body.

Get the kids involved!

The Beets give it that beautiful pink color that my daughter loves and they are great for your heart and liver

Harry with his "beet" stache

I use the Jack LaLanne because it got high ratings online and it was rather inexpensive compared to what’s on the market.

If you have ANY questions about juicing, please email me at theinnerpeaceproject@gmail.com.  I’m more than happy to answer any questions/concerns.

Give it a try…your health is worth it!