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Passing Judgement

I’m currently reading a great book that I borrowed from my daughter’s school, “The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents” by Deepak Chopra. The book is quite enjoyable and eye opening. One part I found particularly interesting was about teaching our children not to pass judgment on others. Passing judgment is a common practice for a lot of people, but it brings nothing but negativity back to our own lives.

A great way to teach our children not to judge others is by example. Let’s all try to go one day without making negative remarks about others. I must include Chopra’s words with this post. They are beautiful, simple and inspiring.

“Passing judgement is not part of a spiritual person’s approach to life. We all project negativity onto other people, but we do this because we confuse our emotional reactions with reality. If people make us angry, distressed, afraid and so on, we feel that this negativity is their responsibility. Spiritually, the Law of Pure Potentiality tells us that no one can be labeled or judged because life is all possibilities; everything is inside ourselves. Nothing in our nature can be created or destroyed by someone “out there.” The very person who makes you angry or afraid can have the opposite effect on someone else. So it is worth setting aside some time to see everyone in the light of love, to hold no judgement, to call no one bad or wrong.”