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What a Sweet Day

Yesterday my mom, the kids and I ventured to Garfield Park Conservatory to check out their 2nd Annual Sweet Saturday event. While I’ve never been to the conservatory, my mom attended the Chihuly exhibit a few years ago, so she was pretty pumped to go back with us. Being a sweet and (wannabe) nature enthusiast, this was right up my alley. The plants, the trees, the beautiful flowers are gorgeous and a great reminder of what nature has to offer. It’s sometimes easy to forget with our Chicago winters, which offers plenty of bitter cold days, grayish snow and bare trees. Garfield Park is definitely a treat for our senses – a tropical oasis in the middle of our city. I was quite impressed by the greenery and the fresh air.

It was fun to learn about the cocoa bean, vanilla bean, Cinnamon, honey (did you know if bees didn’t exist we would have 1/3 less food?)…it was all so interesting. They even shared yummy samples – YES!

Tequila comes from this plant! This particular one is 50 years old and HUGE!

Persian Violet

I was in awe of their beautiful trees

This is a great event for kids. They have a little play area for the crawlers and a large(ish) slide for the older ones, lots of tasty treats, an activity center for this event and lots of neat information. If you missed it on Saturday, don’t fret, they have another on February 13, 2010.