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All You Need Is Love

Pure love - Stella

Pure love - Harrison

I just came back from a relaxing trip from California sans kids and Neil (my first time being alone in about a decade).  Although I missed my munchkins’ sweet faces and my husband’s love and support, I have to admit, the time to myself gave me the opportunity to nurture my spirit.  I saw many special people during my trip, enjoyed nature (sunlight, amazing mountains, fabulous greenery and gorgeous trees) and had the opportunity to reflect (something a lot of moms don’t have time to do juggling children, housework, a marriage and all other things life hands us on a silver platter). I realized I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself.  As the oldest child, I feel responsible for the happiness for my mom, dad, brother and sister – and of course my own little family. Then it hit me – all I need to do is support and love unconditionally. I am going to embrace this new way of thinking with all my heart. I have a feeling this simple way of being will benefit my family and me tremendously.
Gotta love The Beatles for their amazing and inspiring lyrics.