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Even in Utero?

These days there are many products out there that make claims that they can produce small miracles to our bodies such as: keep us from aging, make us smell our best, keep us from looking pasty, make our hair shiny as ice, whiten our teeth, etc.  But do we know what they are putting in these products to make these miracles happen?  I think it’s about time we start demanding the right to know what these products contain because the chemicals they use can have some long-lasting, very serious impacts on our health.  It makes me wonder if the need to be beautiful is actually causing us more harm than beauty…

A recent study of 9 pregnant woman show that chemicals that may disrupt hormonal and development systems were present in their bodies.  These chemicals pass from mother to fetus in the womb.  Our unborn babies are affected by these chemicals that are supposed to make us feel our best?!  Our wombs are supposed to be pure and safe for our little ones, but something such as spraying perfume can cause some serious damage. This makes me irate.  This is irresponsible of the beauty industry and we must demand that we know what is being put in these products.

From now on InnerPeace Project will do our best to give recommendations on safe products for ALL.

If you have any safe recommendations, please share!

Ask Congress to protect pregnant women from cosmetic chemicals